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The sacrament of Holy Baptism, sometimes called "Christening", is available to those who want to become a member of the church or who would like their infant child to be made a member. Baptism is not to be entered into lightly. It is a once-for-all action, and cannot be undone. The person being baptised, or the parents when the one to be baptised is an infant, must already believe in God and in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. A short preparation course will be undertaken to prepare the candidate (or the parents of an infant). You are invited to contact the Vicar to discuss the possibility of baptism for yourself or your child.


The rite of baptism is performed during the 10am Sunday Eucharist when the congregation is present to welcome the new member. In baptism, through God's action, the person is given the new life of Christ and becomes part of the family of God. The person to be baptised (or the parents and godparents of an infant) must declare their faith and promise to live (or bring up their infant to live) according to God's way.

Baptism is not administered during the season of Lent (i.e. for the six weeks before Easter).


When your child is going to be baptised, you may choose some baptised adults to be the godparents. (Traditionally, a boy has two godfathers and one godmother, and a girl has two godmothers and one godfather, but this is not a hard and fast rule.)


It is expected that at least one of the parents has been baptised. The family should be regular attenders at church, and usually should live within the parish where the baptism will take place.

Contact the Vicar if you would like to discuss being baptised yourself or having your child baptised.

The baptismal font is shown in the foreground of this image.